Back in April, we visited the 2400 block of South Street and noted that construction on the first phase of the 2400 South project from Toll Brothers was finally underway. At that time, the first run of condos, located on South Street itself, were in the process of being framed out. As the months have rolled along, those buildings have been pretty much completed, and there has been impressive progress on the rest of the site.

Site plan

As we mentioned above, the South Street buildings are pretty much finished. But unless you go to Bainbridge Street, you wouldn’t realize how much more of the project has progressed.

Building B from the Site Plan is looking like the outside is finished

Buildings C and D are coming along as well

Framing is underway for the units on Bainbridge as well

We confess, we were pretty shocked to see so much construction here, especially considering the measured pace at which Naval Square was built. This would seem to indicate that demand has been quite strong for these new units, which actually comes as no surprise. Demand for new construction homes and condos in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood is tremendous right now, with buyers bidding up prices and quickly snatching anything worthwhile that’s ready for move-in. That demand could certainly help explain the timeline at 2400 South.

View of the project from South Street

Corner of 24th & South

And in case you’re worried about the 24th Street building, that too is seeing some early work, as you can see in the photos above. We would not be surprised to see this building start to rise in the springtime, and can imagine a world in which this entire project is wrapped up by this time next year. It’s kind of crazy, but Toll Brothers is building it and the people are coming. In droves.