A reader checked in, asking about new commercial shutters at a vacant commercial space on the northwest corner of 20th and Carpenter Sts., across the street from Southside Pizza. This piqued our interest, as this space has been vacant for a few years, having previously been a Chinese takeout establishment. Owner Lynette Gueits purchased the property in 2008 and cleaned it up dramatically, but has been unable to find a tenant up until now.

New security

According to this thread on Philadelphia Speaks, a new corner store is in store for this storefront. The little grocery will apparently carry necessities for the neighborhood, as well as prepared hot food items. We’re certain that they will have to go through zoning, so we imagine we’ll get more information when that process takes place. While neighbors will surely be excited about the prospect of this new amenity in the neighborhood, the execution will be critical in terms of whether this new store will be embraced. Lacking any information on that front at the moment, we will hope for the best.

Looking up 20th St.

Looking up the block, there’s a surprising amount going on in this neck of the woods. At the corner of Montrose St., a large hole recently appeared, indicating the end of the road for a long vacant lot. Over the past several months, another vacant lot succumbed to the inexorable might of development, and a single-family home has risen in its place. You can still spot the in-progress home with the still-plywood bay window in the middle of the block.

Perhaps most interestingly (or we could say least interestingly), the former bodega that we told you would be turning into a pho place back in September has been all kinds of quiet for the past six months. Has anybody heard anything/noticed any work going on recently? Inquiring minds want to know.