About two years ago, we shared the exciting news that 2132 Montrose St., a former nuisance property located next to Julian Abele Park, could be replaced by a new mixed-use building with a cafe on the first floor. In the intervening years, the park has undergone an impressive transformation, but the building hasn't changed a bit.

Julian Abele Park

With so much time having passed, it should come as little surprise that this project appears to have fallen through. Yesterday, we spotted a month-old listing for the property, indicating that if something exciting happens here it will come from someone other Ilkur Ugur, the guy who opened Divan Turkish Kitchen on the opposite side of the park before the park even existed. That business was replaced by Sowe, which was replaced the Strip Joint just a few months ago. So on the plus side, the park does have someplace to eat nearby.

The building looks the same, the park looks better now

One of several renderings

But we can't shake off the disappointment, thinking about what could have been. The potential was there for a uniquely engaging public space with an intergrated commercial element. Many of our readers were extremely enthusiastic about the proposal, though a couple of people who live nearby were concerned about noise, trash, and traffic. As we said before though, we imagine some kind of compromise could have been forged with near neighbors. But it seems there won't be a need!

Unless you want to pony up $295K to buy the building and hundreds of thousands more to bring this thing back from the grave. Any volunteers?