A neighbor gave us the heads up the other day about the ongoing demolition of 728 S. 18th St., a rather attractive two-story brownstone near the Marian Anderson Baseball Field. This home was sold in a private transaction in September for $202K to a Atlantic Devs LLC.

The property

Looking north from the corner

The property, which we’re guessing was in pretty rough shape inside, looked like the exterior could have been saved. Immediately to the south is an example of a successful rehab of an older home, which could have served as some inspiration for the developers. The corner property, on the other hand, isn’t the nicest rehab we’ve seen.

According to building permits, the developers are planning a three story, single family home for this location, which we’re a little surprised was able to pass muster without going to zoning. As you may or may not be aware, any new three story construction on primarily two story blocks requires an eight foot setback on the third floor, and no such feature is mentioned in the permits.

While it’s unfortunate to see this building, which had so much character, lost, it should be a positive to the neighborhood to have another property redeveloped. We’re just hoping it doesn’t end up another “Graduate Hospital Special.”