A few years ago, the intersection of 16th & Bainbridge was purely residential. But as South Street West has experienced unprecedented growth, it should come as no surprise that additional commercial development is leaking south, into the Graduate Hospital neighborhood. A few years back, the building on the northwest corner was renovated and Art Sanctuary opened a gallery space on the first floor. Now, it appears as though another retail operation is poised to open here, this time on the northeast corner.

Art Sanctuary

A Zagat story earlier this week confirmed rumors we've been hearing for months. A new bakery is opening on the northeast corner of 16th & Bainbridge.

Future bakery

Baker Avery Goldman has taken over a space that was previously an apartment, and will be dishing out desserts in a new establishment called the Baker's Jar. As you might imagine, this place will specialize in cakes and other sweet stuff in jars. They will also be serving items in a more traditional, non-jarred form. David Wing Design has done some of the interior design work.

When this place opens, it will be the second bakery to come to this area in a very short period, joining Kermit's Bake Shoppe. Just think, a year ago people in this neighborhood couldn't get a fresh baguette or cake without venturing into Center City. Soon, they are actually gonna have a choice of places to go. Amazing what a difference a year makes.