It seems that Flying Kite Media is on to something. This week, Elise Vider did a piece on the rising fortunes of South Street West, discussing the infrastructure improvements through the efforts of the SSWBA, the explosion of new restaurants, and the continuing redevelopment in the years to come. Over the past year, we’ve explored the changing landscape on South Street West on a micro level, bringing almost every new building and business to your attention individually. Ms. Vider does a nice job bringing it all together.

Today, we bring yet another small but important South Street West addition to your attention, which came across our desks via the agenda for tonight’s SOSNA zoning meeting. At 1620 South St., formerly home to Cafe Apamate, a new restaurant is in the works.


Miles Table will be a cafe and restaurant from the people behind Catering By Miles. If you’ve ever eaten at the Lombard Swim Club, then you’ve sampled their fare. The restaurant will be a breakfast/lunch place, primarily serving coffee, pastries, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

And they’ll have plenty of commercial company. As we’ve told you last month, Magpies is set to open at 1622 South St. this summer, right next door. Immediately to the east, a doctor’s office is coming to 1618 South St., from what we’re hearing. And let’s not forget that the blighted parcel at 1612-16 South St. will be redeveloped in the year to come, and will likely include a very large commercial space.

In order: Magpies, Miles Table, Doctor's office, Future commercial space

It seems that it’s a good time to be doing business on South Street West. And it’s not a bad time to live nearby, either.