Before the calendar turned to 2012, we first brought you news of Fitz4, an architecturally creative four-home project planned for some long-vacant lots on the corner of Chadwick & Fitzwater. Developed by Metro Impact, this development was to be the cherry on the frappe for a block that has experienced a dramatic transformation in the last five years with the construction of over a dozen new homes.

So much vacant land back in 2007

It was six months before the developer presented the project to SOSNA, which gave its support despite concerns from a few neighbors about the height of the homes and the presence of garages. These concerns were possibly overcome by excitement from many over the look of these homes, designed by Shimi Zaken of Atrium LLC. In a neighborhood that has an unfortunate architectural style named after it, we don’t typically see such interesting and creative residential design, and we were extremely pleased that such homes were planned for this location.

Many months went by, with no apparent progress at the site. We were starting to get a little worried, but our worries were for naught. Last month, we finally saw stirrings on the eastern side of the development, and last weekend we discovered that foundations have been poured and framing is underway.

Eastern corner

East side, looking down Chadwick

In case you don’t remember the details, these will be four bedroom, five bathroom homes with parking. A year ago, we were hearing prices in the high $700K’s. Amazingly, we’d suggest that may be a little low now. Pre-construction, buyers will be able to opt for a car lift, to create space for a second car in the garage, which is a very cool though kind of scary option. Two of the homes will have a traditional Philly rectangular row home layout, while two of the homes will (due to constraints of the site) have a square-like shape to them. Check it out:

Floor plans are really unique for the square homes. And check out the green roofs!

Project rendering

At this point, only three of the four homes are under construction. It seems that the western lot is being used for staging, and will likely see a groundbreaking of its own in the months to come. No doubt, it’s wonderful to see this project finally coming out of the ground and that these vacant lots are finally being filled in. Chadwick Street has certainly transformed over these last few years, and this project will represent the culmination of its turnaround. Now if only one last change would take place on its southern end…

Food truck storage on Catharine St. at the corner of Chadwick. We would buy it tomorrow.

We’ll check back here in a couple of months, once these homes have progressed some. Can’t wait to see those renderings turn into reality.