A couple of years ago, when we told you about plans for a new construction home at 1418 Pemberton St., we highlighted the stalled construction next door. Plenty of time has passed, the aforementioned planned home has been built and sold (for $840K!), and there has thankfully been some progress next door. But even after the long time lapse, the homes at 1420-22 Pemberton St. still aren't finished.

A couple years ago

Same homes but from the other direction

The facades have changed little in over two years, though some sheathing has appeared on the bay windows. The western bay looks like it got damaged, perhaps by a passing truck. Somehow, when we last visited these homes two years ago, we didn't notice the unusual details present on their facades. On either side of the front doors and immediately above the garages, you can see (clearly prefabbed) carved faces in the stone. Above, there's some additional carvings in the brick.

Odd details on the first floor

There's this too

Make no mistake, we're all for unique details for new homes. Too often, the new homes we see look like all the others in town, blending together in a sea of stucco and vinyl windows and half-hearted cornices. Sure, these developers made some weird choices to make their homes unique. And yes, it's taking a shocking amount of time to finish building the houses. But we tip our cap to them for at least giving something different a try. Perhaps, in a few more years when the homes are finished, we'll be able to take a tour and see whether the interiors take any interesting risks as well.