For a block that's a bit off the beaten path, we sure have visited the 2500 block of Montrose Street a bunch of times over the years. It was back in 2011 that we first brought you to this block to tell you about plans for a project called Montrose Court from developer Metro Impact. The project called for three homes on the south side of the street and eight more homes on the north side of the street, and in preparation for the construction the developer tore down a bunch of rough looking two-story buildings. When we checked in during the summer of 2014, we discovered vacant lots, no construction, and that the properties on the north side of the street were available for sale. A year later, three homes were under construction on the south side of the street, and those homes are now finished. One of the homes sold earlier this year for over $600K, another is now listed for just under $600K, and the third is available for rent for $3300/month.

New homes on the south side

Now we're seeing construction activity on the north side of the street. A reader tipped us off about formwork for two foundations, which we believe will eventually turn into a pair of quadplexes. Take a look:

2500 block of Montrose

Formwork on the north side

These are the lots that we said were available for sale a couple years ago but it appears that originaly developer is building here after all. The permits don't call out the number of units, but do indicate that they'll rise four stories so it's as good a guess as any that the project is consistent with the approvals from before. As was the case previously, we're not sure whether the units will be offered as condos or rentals, but we'd still think that condos will be the play. Either way, it's interesting to consider that the originaly plan called for eight homes here with parking and instead we'll see twenty apartments with no parking. On the one hand, hooray for density! On the other hand, this section of the neighborhood is only getting more crowded as CHOP buildings rise along the waterfront.