You’ve probably never been to the 1500 block of Melon St. in the Spring Garden neighborhood. Half a block south of Fairmount Ave., Melon St. and N Sydenham St. dead-end into each other, creating an area where development has thrived in the past few years.

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As recently as 2005, the 1500 block of Melon St. and the 600 block of N. Sydenham St. contained mostly empty lots, with a couple of industrial buildings on Melon St. that extended all the way to Fairmount Ave. Since then, fourteen new homes have been built on these blocks, with 1510 and 1512 Melon St. being the most recently constructed. The people who built those two properties have poured foundations for three more homes, which we imagine will get built as soon as 1512 Melon St., currently on the market for $599K, is sold.

1510-12 Melon

Three more foundations

Homes on Sydenham

North side of Melon St.

In recent weeks, we’ve detailed all the exciting development happening in Francisville, just on the other side of Fairmount Ave., and it’s nice to see these lots in Spring Garden being redeveloped as well. Looked at in conjunction with the exciting upcoming new thirty unit development on the south side of Fairmount Ave., it seems like this immediate area is about to get plenty of new residents.

Ok, who’s opening up a coffee shop over here? At Prince’s, perhaps?