In recent years, the 1800 block of Frankford Ave. has undergone various improvements, like many other blocks of this corridor. With new businesses opening up, old structures being reconditioned, and vacant land turning into new buildings, Frankford Avenue swinging like the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Perhaps the biggest story of late on Frankford Ave. is the plan for a La Colombe bakery and distillery on the 1300 block.

Future home of La Colombe

A few weeks ago, we checked in on a fourteen-unit project at 1850 Frankford Ave., which we first wrote about back in January and recently broke ground. Across the street, a vacant lot at 1849 Frankford Ave. was replaced with a new home. Plus, there’s a strip of buildings from 1800-04 Frankford Ave., which includes Fishtown Pharmacy, which were built in recent years and also replaced vacant land. No casinos here, don’t worry.

Three new buildings

With all of this in mind, we wonder what may become of the vacant lots next to the new buildings, as well as the rough-looking properties next door. They have to be the next renovations to come along, right? Next to these properties, a formerly vacant home has also been renovated in the last year.

Two bad buildings, one recently renovated one

Hopefully, this owner will either get on the redevelopment train or sell his properties to someone who is. With Frankford Avenue now being redeveloped at a furious rate, it seems like it’s only a matter of time.

–Lou Mancinelli