We've been pretty thorough in documenting the changes that have taken place on Frankford Avenue in recent years. Heaps of new businesses have opened, many buildings have been renovated, and throngs of new buildings have replaced vacant lots. It's reached a point where it's almost unexpected to walk a couple of blocks and not see something new and interesting taking shape. Today, we look at three new buildings that have recently appeared over a very short span on Frankford Avenue, which only reinforces the running theme.

New building number one

First we look at 1780 Frankford Ave., which stands right next door to another relatively recent addition to the corridor. Like the adjacent property, this one is zoned for multi-family residential, and that's exactly what the developers are building. This triplex coule be a rental and it could be condos, but at best we can be fairly certain it won't look like the building next door. Though it would be kind of cool for there to be two Spanish-inspired buildings next to each other on Frankford Avenue.

Number two

You can actually see this site in the background of the first photo. We've reported on the buildings next door a few times over the years, covering their construction and the short-lived quasi-casino that has since been replaced by the Fishtown Pharmacy. According to the permits, 1806 Frankford Ave. is going to be a duplex. While it's a shame that there won't be a commercial aspect to the building, the trouble the property at the corner has had finding a tenant suggests that the market for retail rentals isn't that great, even with all the new businesses opening on the corridor.

A couple blocks up, we have number three

On the other hand, we have a new building at 2220 Frankford Ave., next door to Pickled Heron, that tells a different story. This property was also a vacant lot for a long time, and a mixed-use building is now under construction. This makes some amount of sense, as there are more businesses surrounding this location than the others we just showed you.

It should come as no surprise that the first two buildings are rising on lots that are zoned for residential, and the last building is going up on a commercial lot. Though Frankford Avenue is known as a commercial corridor, there are actually surprisingly long stretches that are zoned residential. As remapping takes place, should those residential lots become commercial? Or is it a good thing to have patches of buildings without retail to help the retail on other parts of Frankford Avenue thrive?