A reader shot us an email the other day, wondering about some construction activity they noticed at 118 Richmond St., pretty much in the shadow of I95. Just a couple of blocks from Sugarhouse Casino and around the corner from the next step in the Penn Treaty Village development plan, this area seems ripe for redevelopment, and has seen some new construction and renovation in the last couple of years. Plus, it’s super-close to Barcade, so we figured it would be a sensible spot for some residential development.

The lot

As you can see in the photo above, a foundation of sorts is in place. We asked a worker on the site, who told us that he’s heard a garage will be built here, but he seemed uncertain. We then peeked at the L&I Map that we love so much and learned that the planned use isn’t a whole lot more exciting, unfortunately.

Instead of new residences, neighbors can expect a new, two-story plumbing shop on this site. We can’t say whether there will be a garage, but the lack of a basement indicates that this could indeed be the case. While it’s a little disappointing that this is what’s going up here, it’s not the end of the world. After all, plumbers like country and western bars as and video games, right?

Future Canal Street North Project in the distance

Needs a place to work when not chasing after Koopa.