We've had a couple of readers reach out to us in the last few weeks, wondering about construction at 2318 E. York St., a corner lot that functioned for many years as a side yard for lovely old brownstone.

In the past

Current view of the property

Developers bought the property about a year and a half ago, paying $650K for the large parcel. Then they subdivided the lot, chipping off the aforementioned brownstone to create a new corner property that's a little over 3,000 sqft in size. With multi-family zoning, there are numerous options for the parcel. The developers can build four homes pretty easily, or they could opt for apartment buildings instead. We saw a plan about a year ago with two buildings with nine units that look like condos, but we're not sure exactly what the final plan will entail. Does anyone in the neighborhood have some insight?

Fishtown Residence is under construction

Just half a block away, in the middle of the 2300 block of E. York St., construction is underway for the Fishtown Residence project, a twelve-unit development that's replacing an old bowling alley. With prices for those homes approaching $500K, we could understand why the developers at 2318 E. York St. could be successful no matter what approach they take.