A few weeks ago, developers went before the ZBA with a proposal to redevelop 2024-26 E Fletcher St., a large vacant lot in East Kensington.

The lot

Their plan for the site, which was approved by the community at an East Kensington Neighbors Association meeting a few weeks prior, is for a six-unit building with roof decks and parking. The developers, East Fletcher Realty LP, are placing two parking spaces in the front of the building and four in the rear. We’re guessing that cars will access the rear of the building through a curb cut on Fletcher Street, though it’s not out of the question that the developers are acquiring the vacant RDA lot in the rear to use as a driveway. Combined front and rear parking access isn’t exactly something you see to often in this neighborhood, but the neighborhood did support it overwhelmingly, according to Fishtown.us.

Looking down the block. Another new construction project in the distance.

We’ve actually written about this block a couple of times before; the rear of a halted construction project on E. Dauphin St. backs out onto Fletcher St., directly across the street from the lot in question. When we were over there, we happened to notice that a fence had gone up on this site since the last time we were there, which could mean that a new owner will be back at work at this site sometime soon.

Across the street

This is very encouraging to see for this area, which is clearly improving by the day. And for all of this development to be taking place so close to Front Street and the El is perhaps most encouraging of all.