In March, we updated you on the progress of 1412 Frankford Ave., a new construction home two doors down from Bicycle Stable. At the time, we found it a little curious for the home to go up with privately owned green space on either side, and set back some from the street. Whelp, the house is finished and it sold last month for $400K. Seems like the questionable characters in the Lutheran Settlement House green space that a commenter warned against were no deterrent to buyers.

A year ago

In March

The other day. Lots of stucco.

A couple of blocks away, another new building has risen in the last few months. In June, we told you that a new development was coming to 1246 Frankford Ave., replacing a small community garden. Well, we were in the area the other day and spotted this rather large new structure, which has progressed significantly in the past four months.

Back in June

The new building

Zoomed in

According to the L&I Map that we love so much, Carmel Developments Inc is building a four-unit residential building here, with four parking spaces. We were kind of hoping to see a commercial use in the first floor, but upon further review, the zoning for the property is residential, not commercial. So while it may seem like an opportunity lost, the developer was simply building something closer to what was required by the zoning code.

As an aside, we’re not sure we’re so crazy about some of the materials used for the building’s design, but we’ll hold our judgement until the project is completed. We’ll check back in a couple of months and we’ll see what’s what.