We were in Fishtown the other day, on our way home from photographing the collapsed tax-delinquent warehouse we told you about yesterday, when we noticed some formwork on Frankford Avenue. 1611 and 1613 Frankford Ave. have been vacant for at least a decade, as have 1456-58 E Columbia Ave., two lots that sit right behind them.

Formwork on Frankford

Framing on Columbia

According to public record, Michael Muraweki purchased the Frankford Ave. lots a couple of months ago, and applied for building permits earlier this month. Muraweki has also pulled the permits for the Columbia Ave. lots, though he is not recognized as their owner. This may simply be a matter of a deed that hasn’t been recorded yet. For all four properties, Paul Drzal is listed as the architect.

Since no zoning appeals are being heard for these properties, we’re inferring that they’re being built by right, which means single family homes. We were a little surprised that the lots on Frankford Ave. don’t require first floor commercial, but the zoning overlay map confirmed that not all of Frankford Ave. is considered a commercial corridor. Nevertheless, it’s good news to see a couple more gaps filled in on this street; but worry not, there are plenty more vacant lots on Frankford Ave., in case you want to get in the development game!