Redevelopment in Fishtown has officially reached the border, as developers continue to look to build near Aramingo Ave., which is like a gateway of sorts to Northeast Philadelphia.

Recently, Fishtown Neighbors Association supported developers plans' to create two lots from one and to build two single-family homes at 2618-22 E York St., a few hundred feet from Aramingo. Right now, the site is a vacant corner lot. That lot has seen very little improvement over the past few years, other than some grass being cut there. It most recently sold in January to BMK Homes, developers who have their fingerprints all over Fishtown and East Kensington development of late. Since the homes will be over 20' wide, look for the new homes to be among the pricier in the area.

Future homes

It's too bad this project won't feature some sort of commercial element, as along York St. there are various retail locations like bars and places to eat, and a bank. Plus, since this is a corner location it speaks to the traditional neighborhood store. Alas, such is not the case, as developers in Fishtown have been finding anywhere they can, it seems, to build. A lot of these new projects have been infill development, many of them starting with razing a garage. That points to the changing character of the neighborhood. No more is it an industrial locale. That is something addressed in the recent Phila2035 planning.

Looking away from Aramingo

Speaking of retail, back towards the end of the summer we shared news of plans for a pizza place coming to York & Gaul, only a block away. That is located across the street from 2424 Studios, an adaptive reuse that transformed an old factory into office and studio space. A couple more blocks away from Aramingo, we recently shared plans for another infill development at 2313 E. York St. that saw the construction of two new homes in the place of one. Parlay these small projects into one larger look at York St. and we begin to see a little wave of redevelopment, like the ones that crawl to the shore, happening on the far side of Fishtown.