Development is continuing to push the boundaries of Fishtown, getting closer to and even crossing over Aramingo or Lehigh Avenues. Technically, much of this activity is taking place in the area that's covered by the Olde Richmond Civic Association, which hears zoning proposals for projects to the east of Trenton Avenue. Today we look at a by-right build in this area, at 2618-20 Memphis St., so the community group wasn't involved in the project. Not that it's so controversial.

In the past

In the past, the corner of Memphis & Albert had a fenced-in vacant lot and a two-story building next door. The property was listed for sale several times in recent years, always in the $125K range. Finally, late last year, a developer decided to bite on the parcel. These are the same guys that have built other homes in the neighborhood in the past. In the time that's passed since they bought the parcel, the corner fence and the little home have been demolished and two new homes have appeared in their place. 

Current view

You can see, the homes have been framed out, the windows have been installed, and the brickwork has gotten started. We're gonna guess that they will soon be offered up for sale, and the buyers will come a'running. We wonder, will the corner property have parking in the rear? The depth of the property would seem to accommodate this, it should be interesting to see if it comes to pass. In the meantime, we'll keep on the lookout for additional construction in this neck of the woods.