On a little street in Fishtown, two new homes at 2303-05 Collins St. are being constructed as part of yet another one-off development. The two homes had been framed out when we passed by a couple of weeks ago. Previously, the lots where these homes are rising contained a swimming pool.

When completed, the homes, designed by Fusa Designs, will contribute to the improved state of the Collins & Dauphin intersection, where a former garage nearby is being turned into new residential units. These two lots sold in July for $83K, we think for both, according to public record. Just across the street on Collins sits a blighted, graffiti-covered building. With the amount of development underway in the area, we imagine we'll be sharing news about a project at that property as well in upcoming months.

Located close to green space at Konrad Square, and a block from Frankford Avenue, it’s easy to understand what attracted developers to this location. It's close to Pizza Brain and Little Baby's Ice Cream. More importantly, Frankford Ave. is blowing up with development with similar momentum to South Street West. This location is a block away from the 2400 block of Frankford Ave. that was entirely revitalized in the past year. Nearby, another one-off project at 2206 Fletcher will create a new unit atop a previously existing garage. And two blocks north, we recently told you about plans for new homes near the former police station that was rehabbed and restored into residential units at Trenton & Dauphin. Across the board in Fishtown right now, you can almost connect one-off projects like tic-tac-toe and realize how much rebuilding is happening there right now.