Developers will likely move forward to the ZBA with their plans to construct two four-story homes on Allen Street, according to Matt Karp, Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA) zoning chair. The project at 131-33 Allen St. was opposed by the community in a meeting last month, with height being the concern. The lots are currently under contract at a sale price of around $170K, though we’re unsure whether the buyers have a zoning contingency. At present, 131 Allen St. is a vacant lot and its brother is a shabby looking stucco job of a three-story trinity.

Shell and lot

It’s without question that if the ZBA permits the two homes, they will be attractive for potential buyers. Though this end of Frankford Avenue has not seen nearly as much development as we’ve witnessed on the other side of Girard, it’s definitely on the cusp of coming into its own. Barbary and Barcade have already started the trend, but Core Realty’s plan for a music venue, a couple of restaurants, a bowling alley, a distillery, and more in a blighted Richmond Street warehouse should be transformative. And if two unfinished adaptive reuse projects nearby are ever completed, these businesses will have even more customers lining up at their doors.

Richmond Street warehouse

Both buildings will turn over someday

Hopefully, the ZBA will give approval to the project on Allen Street, ignoring the complaints about the height of the buildings. Why, you may ask, would height not be such an issue on this block? Just look at this aerial view for the answer.

View of the project and its surroundings

We’d say a couple of four story homes wouldn’t be the main culprits blocking out the sun around these parts. See what we mean?

–Lou Mancinelli