Last month, we told you about the Cumberland Point Townhomes, three homes under construction on E. Cumberland Street just steps from Aramingo Avenue. Somehow, we missed another ongoing project just a couple blocks away. Until quite recently, 2534-36 Gaul St. was a vacant lot. But today it's a different scene.

In the past

Two new homes framed out

Looking at an old listing, we see that the white two-story building was once an ambulance service center. Alexander Ginzburg purchased the building, along with the adjacent pair of lots, back in 2003 for a combined $30K. The Google Maps time machine function suggests that the little building has possibly been converted into a home and the lots have been used as a yard in recent years. At one point, we noticed a kiddie pool. Public record suggests that the lots are still owned by the same person, but there's a decent chance that a developer has stepped in and the City's records haven't caught up yet.

We would have to imagine that these new homes will be listed for sale, maybe in the high $300K range. Remember, those homes on Cumberland are on the market for just under $400K, but they include parking. While the Cumberland homes have views of a bank and a CVS, these homes will have views of the Sergeant Storage facility. Of course, these views are far nicer than those that will be created by the upcoming 60' tall storage facility at 23rd & Washington.

Across the street

Also similar to the Cumberland homes, the new homes on Gaul Street are really close to Aramingo Avenue, traditionally a development border in the area. But hey, we wouldn't complain if we had a Wawa within walking distance, and we would have to imagine there are many like-minded people out there.