2157 E. Norris St. has us rather puzzled, at least in its current state. The property is huge, clocking in at over 22K sqft, and it’s marvelously located, mere steps from Frankford Avenue. There’s an old industrial building that covers roughly a quarter of the lot which we’re fairly certain was converted to a residential use at some point, making for one of the more unusual homes in the neighborhood. Photos from a recent listing include an indoor infinity pool, a gym’s worth of workout equipment, and an amazing roof deck, leading us to wonder whether this was merely a personal home or perhaps an Airbnb instead. Perhaps someone that lives in the neighborhood can provide some additional information on the subject?

Current view
2157 E Norris
Peek inside the existing building

All of this is now academic, of course. As we said, the photo above came from a listing, which gives an indication that the property was recently offered up for sale. And given the explosive nature of the real estate market in this neck of the woods, it should come as no surprise that a developer snapped up the property soon after it went on the market for $3.6M. Over the last few months, this developer was pushing a project that would include 24 units which we have to think were of the town home variety. That proposal was ultimately denied at the ZBA, and now they’re trying again with a plan for 18 units and 24 parking spots. Maybe they’ll have success getting approval this time around.

Norris Point project up the block

Assuming the developers eventually build a dozen and a half town homes here, we imagine they will find buyers as easily as the current sellers of the property found an interested developer. As we mentioned, this is a prime location, and we saw a few years back with the Norris Point project next door that people are eager to live on this block even though there’s a car wash right across the street. We’ll be interested to see whether the ZBA gives the thumbs up this time around, though we confess we’ll be sorry to see the unique building currently on the property disappear as a result. Fortunately for the developers, they already have a demo permit in hand, so there’s no risk of a historical nomination at this point.