A reader gave us the heads up recently about 440 Belgrade St., a new home that was recently constructed on a formerly vacant lot. We swung by the property recently, and we will admit it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen.

From a distance

Closer look

The extra-wide three bedroom home also has two full and two half baths, and was on the market for just under $400K before it went under contract after about two weeks. It’s clear by the short time on the market and the premium price that this home had no problem finding a buyer. That being said, we still have to bring up some of the architectural choices made in the building’s construction.

Another view

We’re not fans of the aesthetic of going with stone for the first few feet of the facade, but we can appreciate how someone could enjoy that look. What we can’t understand is how the choice was made to go with stucco the rest of the way, and the nested arches above the front door to the house. Considering the fact that the lot next door is used for parking, there’s a whole lot of stucco that passersby have to face, which could have been mitigated by a different choice of materials for the front facade. Was this purely a choice made to achieve a desired look, or was a brick facade value-engineered out of the equation?

Are we nuts? Are we making a big stink over an innocuous new home? Are there others out there that are fond of the look and wish their house looked like this? Please, feel free to vehemently disagree or agree, folks.