For all of the development that Fishtown has seen over the last decade or so, you’d think there wouldn’t be any vacant land left to redevelop. But that’s not actually the case, and the neighborhood still has plenty of room to grow. Perhaps counterintuitively, the street with the biggest development potential is probably Frankford Avenue, despite that fact that the corridor is already in pretty good shape already. But if you walk up and down Frankford, you’ll quickly note the number of vacant lots, as well as numerous properties that are not currently utilized in the highest and best fashion. This isn’t nearly as much the case in residential parts of the neighborhood, where developers have filled in the vast majority of smaller sized vacant lots during the market’s current hot streak. Be that as it may, there are still a handful of vacancies to be found.

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View in the past

2356 E. Fletcher St. was one such vacancy, a double-wide property which contained a single home, historically. That home was demoed at some point more than a decade ago, and the parcel has sat empty over the years since then. But that’s not the case right now, as developers bought the property at the beginning of this year, acquiring it for $325K. Unsurprisingly, they’re now building a pair of town homes, dubbing the project the ‘Fletcher Twins.’

Current view
View of the homes

The homes have a few different things going for them, starting with parking. You can see, the homes are tucked back from the street, and will each be able to accommodate two cars in their front yards. On a related note, each home is extra-wide, measuring 19′, which will allow cars to park next to each other out front. If the homes were standard sixteen footers, they would only be able to handle one car apiece. And while setback homes with front-access parking are objectively suboptimal from an urban planning perspective, they will allow for standard row home designs inside, maximizing interior square footage. In that department, each home will have more space than most new construction homes, with almost 3,500 sqft inside.

If you think these homes sound great and want to buy one of them, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re out of luck. They went on the market over the summer at a $700K asking price, and both went under agreement within a couple weeks. But perhaps a similar project could come down the pike someday, on this very block.

Nice old building down the block

Just a few doors down, there’s an old warehouse or stable with boarded up windows, which we brought to your attention a couple years ago. Like we said at the time, this building is located in the rear of a really great looking home with an address on E. Susquehanna Street, and would be a great candidate for a subdivision and redevelopment project. Thus far, the owners of this property haven’t pursued this approach, electing to keep the seemingly vacant building on Fletcher Street intact. But as vacant lots continue to disappear in Fishtown, offers will only go up for this property, and at a certain point maybe the owners will consider making a move.