The other day, while perusing the Inquirer, we read about a new promotion at Sugarhouse: Sugarbeach. Today, we had a chance to check it out and if nothing else we’ll give credit to the Sugarhouse people for trying to think a little outside the box.

You may recall that back in May, we told you about discovering a public walkway behind the casino, next to the Delaware River. Check it out:

The path

Now, from June 30th – July 8th, the casino has transformed this pedestrian path into a mini-beach for the public. All it took was 110 tons of sand and some real palm trees, and you suddenly feel like you’re downashore on the Delaware. With drinks, games, food, and fans that are constantly spraying mist in your face, it’s a pretty neat change of pace. Here’s the schedule for the week.

Now, check out these hilarious images:

Schedule is posted

Looking toward the "beach"

On the "beach!"

We were tempted to step on it but decided to be nice

Another view

Goofy tropical drinks for sale!

We’re thinking, maybe we’ll visit again one night this week to drink a Pina Colada and listen to some spinning. Truth be told, we kind of regret that we didn’t know about this thing for the fireworks last Saturday night. That woulda been pretty sweet.

Ah well, there’s always Sugarbeach next year.

Or, you know, the actual beach this year.