A little over a year ago, we shared the exciting news that La Colombe would be opening a flagship cafe slash rum distillery in a former garage on Frankford Avenue. We attended the community zoning meeting, at which the project was well received, and even found our way to the ZBA hearing for 1335 Frankford Ave., though we confess we were there for a different property. So we feel a real connection to this project. A little over a week ago, the new La Colombe opened. And it's totally awesome.

In the past

Looks wonderful

A neon red arrow points your way into La Colombe, a 16K sqft combination of formerly detached industrial buildings. When you walk in, the beautiful space is almost overwhelming. Different from other La Colombe locations, it has a commercial kitchen but a limited menu that highlights their selection of house made breads. They also have three beers on tap, a small wine list, and rum. Oh yeah, and they have coffee too. There's seating for over a hundred and a mural on the far wall from artist Steve "ESPO" Powers, according to the Daily News.

A peek inside, looking toward the entrance

Photos of the place, with its soaring ceilings (with skylights) and really nice furniture just don't do it justice. You're going to have to see it for yourself to really understand what we're talking about. So get over there, whether it's for a morning coffee or an after-work drink. Trust us, you're gonna be impressed.