A couple of months ago, we told you about two homes that would be rising at 2037-39 Blair St., behind a planned mixed-use building on Frankford Avenue. This block of Blair Street isn’t the best in the neighborhood, with mostly two-story homes on one side of the street and vacant land and old warehouses on the other.

Lots next to the future homes

Nevertheless, Postgreen will soon be putting up two of the more unique homes in town, in a project they’ve dubbed “Pop!”. The homes will be designed by Orange Concept and will have the fairly standard interior design that we’ve seen in recent Postgreen homes. The interesting angle for these homes will be their facades, which will be the first in the US to use expanded cork as both cladding and exterior insulation. The look of the homes will be fairly different from the norm as well.

Future home site

Future homes

The homes will each have 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1,800 sqft of living space, and huge roof decks. They were recently listed for sale at a base price of $415K, but as is the case with all Postgreen homes, customization can add to the home’s features and add to the price.

We’re super excited to see these homes go up and check out the expanded cork facades in person. And with the Frank 2 project also on the way directly behind these homes, this little area is poised for some significant change. There’s still plenty of vacant land remaining on this block of Blair and the 2000 block of Frankford, but one would hope that with the addition of these new developments, those vacant lots will soon disappear.