As Frankford Avenue continues to thrive as a commercial corridor, developers are looking at possible projects everywhere, including smaller properties that they might have previously overlooked. This could very well be the case at 1425 Frankford Ave., a comparatively little property surrounded by some major projects.

Vacant lot to be redeveloped

Developers went to the ZBA last week, and got approval for a plan to build a four story building with ground-floor retail and three apartments upstairs. With Penn Treaty Metals operating out of the building next door for many years, we can see why this parcel previously wouldn't have been anybody's first choice for new construction. But as you might recall, the Penn Treaty Metals building is going away and will soon be replaced by a large mixed-use project that we told you about over the summer. To refresh your memory, that project will involve 30 condos, 16 parking spots, and ground-floor retail. It got a narrow margin of support from the neighborhood and the ZBA gave their approval a couple months ago. So look for this project to move forward in the near future.

Major project coming soon next door

Rendering from the other direction but you still get the point

Across the street, a pair of major projects are progressing nicely since we last checked in half a year ago. Next to the former Bicycle Stable, soon to become a Cheu Noodle Bar, a two story City Fitness location looks like it could be pretty close to opening its doors. The three story building next door will have ten apartments and some ground floor retail with huge windows as well.

Serious progress across the street

All of these progressing and upcoming projects are nice, but our favorite thing about this block has been kicking it for about a year. We're referring, of course, to the excellent Heffe Tacos, located where Frankford Avenue hits Marlborough Street.

Heffe Tacos nearby

That special with haloumi cheese last week would make anyone want to put up a building nearby. Perhaps it'll inspire other developers to look at other properties nearby, too.