Developers are looking to redevelop a flag lot in Fishtown, off of E. Montgomery Avenue. Perhaps you're wondering, what's a flag lot? Simple, it's a lot that looks like a flag. More specifically, it's a lot that has only a small sliver of street frontage, with the majority of the lot sitting further back from the street, often behind buildings. Here, allow us to show you what we mean:

Looks like a flag indeed

This is the very lot in question, 1323R E. Montgomery Ave., a property you wouldn't necessarily know exists if you walk by on E. Montgomery Avenue.

The view on E. Montgomery Ave.

Despite its hidden nature, this property is quite large, boasting over 10K sqft of space which is pretty easily accessible via Wilt Street. A few months ago, developers came to an FNA zoning meeting with a plan for two apartment buildings on this parcel, with four units in one of the buildings and eight units in the second building. That project would have also included a dozen parking spots. But it seems the community wasn't into the concept.

Tonight, a new iteration will come to the community, with a plan for six townhomes, each with two car parking. We don't have details on the design, but we assume that the homes will all front Wilt Street, perhaps with the parking accessed in a lot in the rear. Or maybe they'll be set back from Wilt Street, with parking in the front. Who knows. We don't imagine the community will push back against this new version of the project, but without knowing the specifics it's hard to be certain.

View of the lot, image from

On a thread about tonight's community meeting, someone posted the above photo, which shows the size of the parcel. They also describe some of the history of the property, sharing that this was once a garden shrine called "Our Lady of Roses." Apparently there's still some evidence of the former shrine on the parcel, including some bushes, an old lamp post, and remains of the shrine itself. If we're to assume that the project gets community support and ZBA approval, the last vestiges of the shrine are sure to disappear in the coming months. So if you're interested, it might be worth a visit. Just… maybe swing by on a slightly warmer day.