There's a long vacant property on Blair Street that could soon get redeveloped, assuming the ZBA gives the go ahead. 1807-19 Blair St. takes up roughly 5,000 sqft and has bustling Frankford Avenue to the east and Shissler Recreation Center immediately to the west. In July, developers presented their plans to Fishtown Neighbors Association for six new homes on this property, each with a front-loading garage. We don't know how the community responded, but given that a similar project was built just a few years ago up the block as part of the Frankford Square project, we would guess that it didn't face too much opposition.

View of the lot

Rec center across the street

Assuming that this project happens, it will mark yet another big change for this block, which looked completely different just half a decade ago. At and around the corner, developers built a collection of mixed-use buildings back in 2011-2012. Further up the street, a former warehouse was recently demolished which will soon make way for a number of duplexes and an apartment building. Closer to Norris Street, there's the Frankford Square project that we mentioned earlier. 

Once these homes go up, they'll join the row of newer buildings on Blair Street which enjoy unobstructed views of the skyline from their roof decks thanks to the school yard and rec center across the street. For this reason alone, we can appreciate why a developer might want to build on this block and an individual would want to live here. And yeah, easy access to one of the hottest commercial corridors in town doesn't hurt either.