The other day, Civetta Property Group reached out via Twitter to give us the heads up about a new project they have in the works on Cedar Street in "Port Fishington," which technically sits in the Olde Richmond Civic Association's boundaries. The parcel, 2625 Cedar St., sits almost on top of Cione Playground, and has been vacant for a long time.

The lot

On this lot, the developers are building seven new homes. Four of the homes will front Cedar Street, and three will front Ritter Street and have a great view of the baseball field. A couple of the homes are already listed for sale, with prices of $329K and $349K. Check out this rendering of the Cedar Street homes which shows some very contemporary architecture:

Rendering of the Cedar St. homes

Looking at these homes, we were reminded of another project in the general area that we told you about back in April. It turns out that the same guys behind the Cedar Street project are building six homes on Sepviva Street. One would imagine the Cedar Street homes will look pretty similar, though the details aren't entirely apparent in the elevations drawing.

Same developers are building these homes. Image from their Twitter feed.

Assuming the new homes look similar to those pictured above, they'll stand in strong contrast to the homes across the street, which have very traditional two-story architecture that you see all over the neighborhood. On the corner is one of the more enjoyable mural-ish things you'll see. At first glance we thought the place was a restaurant but it seems we were off base. 

Amazing quasi-mural

Of course, it's just a pizza and hoagie-loving private citizen. Who also happens to prefers his french fries served in a giant cardboard box. Carry on, sir.