The same reader that gave us the heads up about the upcoming Fishtown Residence project on the 2300 block of E. York Street was also wondering about a seemingly stalled construction project across the street. 2365-67 E. York St. is a double-wide garage that looks like it housed an auto shop at some point and maybe a car wash more recently (thanks, sign). According to a Philadelinquency story, the building also contains a rear apartment that was at one time rented to an individual that engaged in some objectionable activities. Currently, both garage door openings are covered in plywood.

Current view of former garage

According to a thread on, Philadelphia Scooters came before ORCA a little over a year ago with a plan to open a new location here. The response from the community was generally favorable, though one near neighbor did go to the ZBA in opposition. Eventually, the ZBA granted the variance and construction seemingly got started. But per that same thread, it seems like nothing is happening here now, and the building apparently has no roof at the moment. Looking at the L&I Map, the owners applied for permits at the end of last year for a second floor addition and residential use. So… is the scooter plan dead and is residential now the plan here? Is there room here for both? Meanwhile, is it such a good idea for this building to sit around sans roof? Stay tuned.

Looking down E. York Street

Given the mixed-use nature of E. York Street, we'd be pleased as punch to see scooters and apartments here. Why not?