We were jonesing for a za’atar and cheese man’oushe from Suraya, so we made our way to Frankford Avenue earlier today with a sense of excitement for a tasty meal to come. Along with quality food, Suraya also has traditionally provided an added benefit for customers, a little parking area at 1511 Frankford Ave., across the street. This parking lot was previously associated with Fishtown Beverage, which closed its doors several years ago.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 At 3.32.02 PM
In the past

As we went to park the Nakedphilly mobile though, we quickly realized that the parking lot is very much out of service. Not only that, but the old Fishtown Beverage building has been demolished.

Current view

A couple years back, we told you that this property had changed hands and that developers were subdividing the parcel to slough off an old warehouse structure on Oxford Street. That building was then renovated into a pair of really lovely town homes. At the time, we had no idea what plans the new owners might pursue for the larger parcel, noting that a mixed-use building would be permitted there as a matter of right and predicting such a plan at some point in the future.

IMG_4799 (1)
View on Oxford
Homes that were rehabbed a couple years ago

It seems the future has arrived, as permits indicate plans for a new three-story building with 11 apartments and retail on the first floor. We should mention, the most recent permits are from two years ago, but we believe they’re still accurate, and this project will proceed as a matter of right. We don’t know what has caused the rather lengthy delay between permitting and demolition, but the fact that the developers are now actively tearing down the old building on the site gives us a sense that they’ll actually start construction sometime soon. With all the good stuff happening on this corridor right now, another retail space and some added density will be a welcome addition.