It was three and a half years ago that we first brought the Edward Corner building at 1100 N. Delaware Ave. to your attention, wondering when development would catch up to this relic of a bygone maritime age. We learned about the 2010 plan to renovate the building and create a diner space on the first floor, but it seems nothing ever came of that idea. When we checked in about a year and a half ago, Core Realty had come up with a new plan to demolish the Edward Corner building and build a twelve story structure with 180 apartments and retail in its place.

Edward Corner building

Neighbors were not into this plan. Within a couple of months, the building was nominated for historic designation and the Historical Commission voted to list it about a year ago. So here we are today, with the building looking as blighted and vacant as it did when we first looked at it all those years ago.

But this should soon change. With the Edward Corner building now designated, Core has changed their approach to the property and will now pursue reusing the structure. According to a newsletter we recieved from FNA, the developers met last night with the community, introducing a plan to convert the building into ten apartments and retail on the first floor. In addition, they're looking to build a mixed-use building next door on the site of a former furniture warehouse with 170 units, 100 parking spots, and retail. For those keeping track, that's the same number of units as the original proposal, just with some architectural changes.

This project is entirely by-right, so even if it landed with a thud with the community, Core Realty is still able to build this thing as they desire. The project will go to CDR next month, so we should be able to get our grubby hands on renderings in the near future.

Moving up Delaware Ave.

Building will be demoed

Was anyone able to attend this meeting that can tell us how it went? For people that live in the area, does this project sound appealing? Or would you rather something different happen here? A satellite Sugarhouse location, mayhaps?