A couple of readers have emailed us about 1802 Frankford Ave., a recently constructed property that just got some new signage out front. Yes, the signs on the window advertise “Jackpot Internet Cafe,” and “Cash Prizes.” And yes, that’s a letter from L&I tucked into the door.


According to Fishtown.us, numerous people in the neighborhood are actively trying to get to the bottom of the situation and figure out whether some intrepid entrepreneur has, as it appears, decided to open up a neighborhood casino. Honestly, where do they think they are, England?

Interestingly, we did a write up about this building and the two on either side of it just a few months ago, highlighting the continuing construction activity in the neighborhood.

From back in August


The good news is that there’s been some progress at the corner property, complete with unusually colored bay windows. The, uh, less good news is the apparent casino next door.

So what is it? An internet casino for real? An art gallery? An office space? We went by this afternoon and found the door locked, and our persistent knocks went unanswered. It might take a few days, but we’ll find out what’s taking place on the other side of those glazed windows. And once we do, put our entire paycheck on 0/00.