A reader asked us about the large, vacant commercial space at 1306 Frankford Ave., where a liquor license application went up in the window a couple of weeks ago. A former welding shop, this large warehouse-like space was redone last year, creating a modern building with industrial touches that’s far more attractive than its previous incarnation. At least from a commercial real estate standpoint.

In the past


The property was purchased by its current owner in 2005, and has been on and off the market several times since 2007. In performing a renovation, the owner subdivided the building into four 2,000 sqft retail spaces, which could be sold/leased separately or combined to make larger spaces. The entire building is currently listed for $1.6M, and the four individual spaces are for sale, each for $399K. Miles & Generalis are the listing agents.

As for the liquor license, it doesn’t seem to be connected to any specific business. From what we can gather, the owners of the building are taking care of the liquor licence process to make the space more enticing for potential buyers. Which makes sense- with Frankford Hall and Johnny Brendas having great success just down the street, there does seem to be a market for additional drinking venues in the area. Any particular concept that locals would like to see?

Any other types of retail that folks would prefer in this location?