When we think of Jagged Edge, we think of the club banger “Where the Party At?” featuring Nelly. When we think of jagged-edged architecture, we think of the new proposal at 1733 N. Front St. featuring the designs of KJO Architecture. So why are we talking about turn of the millennium R&B? We couldn’t help but be inspired by a recent Instagram post from KJO that hinted that a saw-like facade might soon be on the way for this site. Before we get to the big reveal, let’s check out some images of the current status, thanks to a Loopnet listing.

A jagged edge indeed on the Front St.-facing facade
1733 currently. looking a bit rough
The interiors match the exterior feel

We are always fond of repurposing old buildings for a number of reasons, but this one isn’t bringing much to the table. The rough exterior doesn’t have a ton of charm and the interior is just slightly more hospitable than the Blair Witch basement. Given these limitations, we are thrilled that something pretty cool may soon rise here. Look for 25 units over ground floor commercial to replace the existing building. This six-story structure will feature angled facades to optimize views and steps the retail entrance back to allow for better pedestrian flow. See for yourself below.

Rendering of 1733 N. Front St. showing off its sharp facade
An open floor plan with an open floor
Renderings show how building will look from N. Front St.

We have to say, this looks pretty cool. While the El-facing balconies and white paneling may not scream practicality, that’s just fine with us, as we have seen there is no shortage of folks who will happily deal with an occasional train rumbling by. This ultra-contemporary design is a choice that we think really works well in this area – a wonderful juxtaposition to the older brick buildings and looming steel structure of the MFL. Trying to replicate the feeling of what has historically existing in areas like this typically falls flat, so kudos to the design team for challenging themselves and creating something that really stands out.

A slightly different street presence for the future design

While we aren’t sure if or when this project will get going, there is certainly plenty planned in the immediate vicinity. It will be quite a change for N. Front St. once these new storefronts tie together the blocks from Girard to Lehigh, something that seemed like a pipe dream not all that long ago. Let’s hope we keep getting other mega-hit proposals for the area. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to reposition our stylish facial Band-Aid.