A little over two months ago, we checked in on Hagert Square, a large Fishtown project that will eventually include thirty new homes. When we last snapped photos of this project, located at E Hagert & Gaul Sts., one row of foundations had been poured while excavation was still ongoing for the second row of homes. In two months, much has changed.

On Hagert St.

Moving toward Gaul

Closer still

What’s unusual about this particular project (aside from the large number of units) is the fact that so many homes are going up at the same time. For a project with such an ambitious scope, it would have come as no surprise to see the homes get framed out five at a time. Instead, it seems that the goal here is to frame out and build at least half the homes in one broad stroke.

On the other side of the development, on Letterly Street, only foundations are to be found.

Lots of foundations behind the Hagert Street homes

We have nothing but praise for this bold project, one of the largest in Fishtown in recent memory. One little issue that we could raise is the marketing of these new homes, which doesn’t seem to fit the neighborhood’s spirit.

A Gated Community?

C’mon guys, this isn’t the suburbs. Or Naval Square, for that matter. We get it that you’re trying to sell these homes as high end, top notch, properties, but let’s try to think of another term, eh?