Slip on your Members’ Only Jacket, click your heels three times and you’d likely find yourself at the Sazz Vintage Warehouse on 2438 Coral Street. This 6K-square-foot space is the mecca of Philadelphia’s vintage clothing scene and offers anything your retro heart desires. With boxes upon boxes of overflowing clothing, numbering into the thousands, it’s easy to find yourself digging, elbows deep, into a box of 1950’s jackets like some vintage archeologist on the verge of a new discovery.

“I have an addiction for buying vintage clothing” the owner, Amanda Saslow, happily admits. This addiction is all too obvious as you walk through the decades of labeled boxes and clothing racks. Saslow started her vintage collection in 2001 and operated it exclusively online at In 2008 she opened Sazz Vintage Clothing, a boutique at 38 North Third street in Old City.  As of last July, she has now opened the door to her Fishtown warehouse and is set for, in her words, “global vintage domination.” Hours of operation are from noon  – 6pm Monday and Saturday. —-Derek Krzywicki