Craig Bosket has been working with local developer G8-Life in Fishtown and gave us the heads up on two new construction projects at 2200 and 2400 Amber Street in New Kensington. G8’s work building urban homes for design lovers is always coupled with advanced energy-saving technologies, and 2200 Amber is no different. Although it’s only an 800-square-foot lot, G8 built an Energy Star-rated cement-board-sided home with solar thermal water heating system and a very open floorplan.

Even the concrete base for these home are thought-out; they are made from extremely insulating GreenBlock, which reduces the building’s carbon footprint. The Amber residences were also equipped with high-energy HVAC system reduces energy consumption and dual-flush toilets, rainwater collection systems, recycled finish materials, no-VOC paint, Cosentino ECO recycled counter tops and low-flow shower heads (boo). We will be keeping our eyes on G8 in the future and are glad to have them expanding out of Fishtown. —Caitlin Connors