If we were to hop into our Delorean and travel back a mere three years, we’d see a vast vacant swath of land on Frankford Avenue just past Norris Street, a mix of properties owned by the City and private investors. Back in 2015, we shared the news that Domestic Goods LLC and JDT International had partnered to purchase 2006 Frankford Ave. and 2012 Frankford Ave., and they were already starting construction at the former lot on a project called the Frankfordian. That project, with 6 condo units and a bi-level commercial space, is complete, with the residential units all sold and occupied. The retail space isn’t filled, but we’d think it’s only a matter of time.

View at Frankford & Norris
The Frankfordian

Next door, the developers have been similarly busy. Frankford Stacks is a 9-unit residential building with frontage on Blair Street. We previously brought this building to your attention a few months ago, as part of a story about some demolition down the block of Blair. Both the Frankfordian and Frankford Stacks were designed by Interface Studio Architects, and share a similar aesthetic.

Frankford Stacks, viewed from Frankford Avenue

Perhaps you’re wondering what’s with the chunk of land in front of Frankford Stacks that’s still sitting vacant. Wonder no more, because we have the lowdown. Because everyone loves a sequel these days, the developers for the aforementioned projects have one more trick up their sleeve here, and that’s Frankford Stacks Phase II. This building will sit in front of the first phase of the project, and share drive-aisle access from Blair Street. It will feature 10 condo units and a pair of retail spaces. And the design will be consistent with the other properties, as you might expect.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 At 9.48.40 AM
Rendering of second phase of Frankford Stacks

Just think, by the time this building is completed, the folks that move in will have a sparkling new Rocket Cat Cafe to enjoy right across the street. And the not so new or sparkling but still very worthwhile Dan’s Fresh Meats at the corner. Plus, we’ll keep an interested eye on what opens in the three new retail spaces these projects are bringing to the corridor.