Fishtown has lost another vacant lot, but we're not in the mood to mourn. This time it's 546 E. Hewson St. that's left us, with four homes now under construction.

In the past

Four homes now framed out

We actually spotted this project from Norris Street.

View from Norris St.

Developers came before the Fishtown Neighbors Association for this project last summer and got approvals from the ZBA around the same time. It took awhile to get the project moving, but now it seems like things are moving along quite nicely. Oh and they'll have pretty good views of the athletic fields behind Kensington High School. You can even make out the skyline from the front door!

The homes will have green views

We haven't seen listings for the new homes just yet, but expect they'll be in the $400K range, since they don't seem to have parking. Also they're a wee bit skinny compared to some of the other homes we've seen go up nearby.

A bunch of new homes on this block

In the photo above, we see three homes that are part of a six-home project that we mentioned last summer when construction was getting underway. Looks like it's now wrapped up. And the garage-front homes are part of Frankford Square, a project with seven homes on Blair Street and seven mixed-use buildings on Frankford Avenue. All the homes on Blair are either sold or under agreement, and some of the Frankford Avenue buildings are still waiting to get built. Considering the continued growth in the area, especially on the commercial corridor, we suspect they'll get moving soon as well.