As we've noted numerous times as of late, in Fishtown developers are looking everywhere they can to get in on the rebuilding that's happening, and a lot of that is infill development. Such is the case with plans for four new single-family homes at 1367-73 Crease St.

Homes coming soon

The four homes will be constructed on a narrow block just off Frankford Avenue, which has been experiencing quite a renewal of late. An old garage and other structures will be razed to make way for the new. The developers’ proposal received support from the Fishtown Neighbors Association zoning committee in February. The 1300 block of Crease Street is a prime example of infill development in the area. Across the street, a number of new homes were recently built, and just next door two more homes were built in the last couple of years. And this is all in an area of Fishtown that’s been built up for decades.

Newer homes across the street

With such a close location to Frankford Ave., and close enough for a quick walk to the El stop at Frankford & Girard, it makes sense that developers are moving to fill in this block. It's also close enough to walk in a few minutes to Stephen Starr’s Frankford Hall, close to the another future restaurant on the 1500 block of Frankford, and close as well to the uber cafe and distillery La Colombe is planning on the 1300 block.

As these infill projects keep popping up all over Fishtown, we're starting to wonder where developers will look next. Might we finally see some of those old warehouses and rundown buildings along the El fixed up sometime soon? Let us hope.