A reader reached out the other day, having noticed a demolition notice at 2338 E. York St., a one-story building that we could have sworn we wrote about previously. But alas, we haven't, so here we go. The building was most recently home to a screen printing business but according to a thread on Fishtown.us, people remember it more as a bowling alley with a little arcade. Casually passing by the building, you can see it doesn't really fit in with what Fishtown has turned into in the last few years.

Current view on York St.

Current view on Gordon St.

The property, which goes street to street, was purchased last year by developers who were looking at a fifteen home development on the site. They came before the community with that idea and eventually cut the number of units down to twelve, with seven homes on York Street and five homes and drive-aisle access on Gordon Street. With demo notices now posted, it seems that the project, called Fishtown Residence, is ready to start moving forward. Two units are already listed for sale, with prices at $470K and $480K. Each home will have 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 2-car parking. Here, check out some renderings from KJO Architecture.

Rendering of the homes planned for York St.

Overhead view of the project

When we snapped the photos of this property, a home nearby on Gordon Street caught our eye. Something about the architecture reminded us of something…

Home across the street reminds us of…

And then we figured it out, with a memory hitting us like a lightning bolt from the sky.

Fry kids!

So… who's in the mood for some McDonald's?