It's no secret that Fishtown and East Kensington have seen tremendous development in the last several years, with the Frankford Avenue and East Girard corridors as the stars of the show. We've documented all kinds of projects, including one-off homes, renovations of dormant storefronts and warehouses (hello La Colombe), construction of mixed-use buildings, and many others. Our favorite to date might be the restoration and reuse of the long-blighted former 26th District police building on Trenton Avenue.

We dig this apartment conversion

Just up the block from that building, which also contains a bank branch, is a long-vacant parcel where Trenton Avenue hits Frankford. For the last several years at least, the overgrown lot has been used for car and truck parking and little else. But that could soon change.

The lot in question

If you look carefully at the photo above, you'll notice a sign has been posted on the property with a pretty rendering of a four story mixed-use building with restaurant space on the first floor and what we'd guess are residential units above. The sign indicates that the space is for lease and that Postgreen is behind the project. There's no mention of the project on their website, however, which suggests that they might not be involved with the parcel anymore.

Sign on the property

Whether it's Postgreen or another developer (or you!) it's a welcome sight to see that the property owner is looking to either sell the parcel or partner with developers to transform it. With so much new retail nearby and a bushel of new residents in the area, it's a no-brainer to turn the lot into a productive building. Hopefully, a project of this ilk will break ground here in the near future, inching us slightly closer to a neighborhood without any more vacant lots. And with another new restaurant, to boot.