Heclyn Gear Company operated for a few decades out of the industrial building at 1112 E. Berks St., before closing up shop last year. So sad to hear about yet another victim of the Gear Wars. It’s been over 700 years, can’t we just have peace?!?

How familiar are you with the Gear Wars, exactly?

The gear company sold its building to developers last summer, at a $1.85M price point. Needless to say, this acquisition wasn’t made with the intention of preserving the industrial use at this address. Instead, the developers are going to demolish the existing building and construct a 40 unit apartment building in its place. Interestingly, this location hasn’t been industrial for all that long and going back to the middle of the 20th century, the property was used for residential purposes. So in many ways, this is a return to form.

IMG_8263 2
Demolition forthcoming

Things have changed over here in a big way since there were residences here, with the notable construction of I-95 just a few steps away. We have to think that the construction of the looming highway so close to this address made its industrial conversion a pretty easy decision. Maybe sometime soon the construction at I-95 will finish and there will be a new conversation about improving the path underneath the highway in this area.

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There's the highway

With the upcoming construction at 1112 E. Berks St., things will take a turn toward becoming more residential here, continuing a trend we’ve seen in this area in recent years. This will follow the lead of the Riverside Court project across the street, which replaced a warehouse and a parking lot with a bunch of townhomes. But there’s still industry nearby, notably with the commissary for Cloud Cups Company located just next door.

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Newer homes across the street
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Commissary next door

That business, in case you’re unfamiliar, makes artisanal CBD infused frozen treats. The good thing about that business is that it’s quite portable, so if and when the commissary building turns over in favor of development, Cloud Cups should be able to continue doing what it does at another location. Let’s hope that the eventual decision to move is on their terms and due to high demand for their products forcing them to seek more space, not because development forces the issue.