On the 2000 block of E Dauphin St. in East Kensington (between Emerald and Coral St.), we got a tip about some partially constructed buildings where a warehouse and garage once stood.

In the past

As it turns out, this stalled project stretches all the way to Fletcher St.

Dauphin St. shot

And that's the Fletcher St. side

At first glance, we assumed that these were half-built single family homes, but looking closer, this seems impossible. According to a zoning application from three years ago, the original plan for this site was to demo the existing buildings (done), and build a five-story, 52′ high monster with eleven apartment units and ground floor parking. This exact plan obviously did not come to pass.

Looking at the existing buildings, the parking aspect certainly seems to have been included, with an entrance on Fletcher St. that’s currently covered by plywood. The building is missing quite a bit of height, however, leading us to believe that there are probably not quite so many apartments as were planned. Oh, and it’s unfinished. And it looks kind of terrible.

So… does anyone know the story with this property? Just how many units? And is it one, connected building, or two separate structures? We imagine that construction started a couple of years ago, but when did it stop? Anybody out there know why?

And most importantly, could work resume at this property sometime soon? These buildings are eyesores.