A reader checked in with us the other day, asking if we knew the deal with 1246 Frankford Ave., a long-time community garden that had recently been fenced off. We immediately had a flashback to the situation that recently developed at Triangle Park, where the property owner had erected a fence just to remind everybody that the park was still private property, for the time being. We hoped that this wasn’t a similar situation.

Fenced off garden

According to a small sign posted inside of the fence (and confirmed by public record), Carmel Developments Inc, a company that we have covered a few times in recent months, has purchased this lot. Looking at the sale price of $138K, one might think that Carmel overpaid for this property. Upon further examination, however, this parcel includes at least two, if not three buildable lots. This is good news, in a way, that development continues on and around Frankford Avenue. We don’t imagine this overall, macro benefit will make it any easier for locals to say goodbye to this community garden.


Another angle

While this is always the risk when neighbors maintain someone else’s private property, it’s still sad to see this garden go. On the plus side, there are numerous green spaces nearby, like the Lutheran Settlement House Garden a block away, as well as Palmer Park. Hopefully, the development that replaces the community garden will at least have a green roof to make up for some of the lost pervious surface.