Unbelievably, we haven’t visited the 1200 block of Crease Street since last October. Back then, we updated you on seven homes that were under construction and gave you the lowdown about a fourteen home development that was just getting underway. As you might imagine, the passing of time has resulted in considerable progress for both projects.

In the past

Recent shot

As you can see, the homes at 1235-47 Crease St. seem to be completed. In case you’ve forgotten, a large and unattractive warehouse once stood here- the new homes designed by JKR Partners are a clear improvement. And if you’re wondering why you only see five homes in the photo above, it’s because only five are fronting Crease St., with two more in an interior courtyard that also includes parking for all seven homes. You can see the entrance to the parking area on the far right of the picture.

Meanwhile, down the street at 1214-20 Crease St., a seven homes have replaced a long-vacant lot.

Last fall

New homes

Above, you see the first seven Domain homes from Domani Developers. According to the listing, these homes have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and about 2,000 sqft of living space. They also will feature car ports out front. Some of the homes have sold at a price point around $400K, but a few remain available, from what we can tell. The rest of the homes in this project will rise behind those you see above, and front Day Street. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to see those go up soon, if they haven’t started construction already (we confess, we took these photos a couple of weeks ago).

Eventual site plan. Image from Trend.

These two developments represent a dramatic change for little Crease Street, but it’s one we can easily understand. As you can see in the map above, these addresses are extremely close to the intersection of Frankford & Girard, which has itself seen many changes in recent years. With new commercial additions to both Frankford and Girard, the energy in this immediate area has increased tremendously, and it’s become a much more interesting (and much less quiet) place to live. Though there are still many vacant lots and old warehouses that remain on the surrounding blocks, the redevelopment trend isn’t stopping any time soon. Expect those underdeveloped parcels to become increasingly endangered, and for more high end, new construction housing to rise in their place. Folks, it’s only a matter of time.